If you are trying to have a baby for a couple of years yet waiting for the pleasant moment; it’s time to see your fertility or reproductive endocrinologist. During the past few years, fertility doctors are getting important for couples who are above 35 and trying to conceive for many years. Here, in this article, we will talk about the things you should know before visiting infertility doctors in Dubai.

Are you ovulating or not?

The first thing that infertility doctors need to know is about the period of your ovulation. However, you can also determine the period of Ovulation with the help of basal body temperature (BBT) for some months. It helps infertility doctors during the treatment. So, you need to know about your ovulation period before seeing an infertility doctor.

Particular fertility Test:

When you visit an infertility doctor the first time, they ask you about your medical history, and then they recommend your particular fertility test to you and your partner. There are various types of fertility tests such as semen analysis for men, a physical examination for men and women, and ultrasound or X-rays to know about the internal condition of the uterus, fallopian tubes, or even ovaries for women.

Semen analysis:

When it comes to fertility tests for men, mostly, infertility doctors or gynecologist in Dubai ask for semen analysis for men. In this process, a man has to provide semen samples after ejaculation. Doctors analyze certain things in semen such as semen volume, the shape of sperm cells, sperm count, amount of white blood sample, and many other things.

Basics of fertility treatment:

After the completion of all tests, doctors try to find out the reasons for infertility, and then they make a treatment plan for you and your partner. In case if you and your partner do not have any internal problem, still you need treatment for conceiving or getting pregnant.

Side effects of fertility treatment:

While infertility treatment is essential for both, but there are some side effects of using fertility drugs, such as pregnancy complications and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. So, before treatment, know the risks and side effects of fertility drugs.

It’s expensive:

One thing which discourages many couples is the fertility treatment is much expensive as many people cannot bear these expenses.