There are a lot of things which you can use as gifts while you are considering surprising someone on any occasion but there are some specific things which you can say as the real Islamic gifts for him and you can give them to any of your male partner. You can give them any of the following gifts and for that you can contact a good gift shop that will make customized items for you to make your gifts even more attractive. See the following ideas:

Prayer mat:

These are the best gift to give someone as you will also get the benefit of it which is, whenever someone pray on that mat you will get rewarded too. You can give any mat bought from the local Islamic store or you can get the customized mat with some different design or name on the mat which will make your partner happier with that gift. You can personalize that in his favorite color too.


You can also select a combo of personalized compact prayer mat long with the Quran cover and a beautiful Tasbeeh. You can have all of these with the same theme and can have his name on that so that he will feel more special after getting that gift from you. People will often do not take so much interest or give time to this thing and they just buy a gift like an obligation and give it to the other person but it will not give them that much happiness which they will feel when you give them a personalized gift on a very special occasion like Eid.

Reminder jar:

It is something different and a kind of keepsake which people will like when they get that. You can make that jar with your own effort and love or you can order that from any of online store because there are many stores that are providing this facility to give you personalized reminder jars. You can choose a pre-made or you can get your own reminders in them from which your partner will get reminded about Allah and His blessings whenever he opens any one of the reminder from the jar. If you are ordering from any page then you have to read them all before you give it to your partner to know what’s inside.