Everyone now needs a computer or a laptop for some reason. Even though some people say that they have a life or a study that they don’t need one but at some point they do. If they use different social media platforms, then it means that they need a computer or a laptop at some point.

There is a saying that one problem leads to another problem and when it comes to buying a computer or a laptop, it is beneficial to buy one but it brings tons of issues with it. For example, if you get a laptop, then you will have to make sure that it is total charged because you might need it at an emergency and if you are travelling and there is no charge left in it, it can become very frustrating.

And you have to make sure that liquids do not spills on it because if it did, you will have to get it repaired as well and that is quite expensive. you have to make sure that your pet does not eat it or you have to make sure that it does not fall.

The worst of all is that you have to make sure that there is an antivirus software included as well. because there are so many viruses that can attack your computer and that is not safe at all. Everyone needs to be safe in the computer world.

If you have recently bought a laptop and you know that you will need an anti virus and if you don’t know how to buy an antivirus MAC then we suggest that you read this post because here we tell you the types of viruses;

Resident Virus: this sounds like the movie of resident evil and the fact is that it is really like that virus. Because it will affect the brain of your computer and that is the RAM and other internal system operations. This virus is so smart that it can attach itself with any kind of anti-virus software and shows that if it is like a regular file.

Multipartite Virus: this virus is the small brother of the resident virus because it also affects the whole system and it can affect folders and programs and operating system as well.