Have you seen people smoking and enjoying vape in your office, school, or in public? Did you ever want to buy vape in Dubai online as well? Your friends will tell you that there is nothing to worry about, nicotine is only moderate to mildly addictive and vapes are perfectly safe for your health. The problem at hand is more significant than you think. As you know that your brain release dopamine when you smoke, this makes you addicted and hooked on the habit of smoking. However, the facts that are hidden behind the smokescreen of lies are more dangerous than the imagination and perception of a normal human being. You are young, and you have some problems at work, home or school. You may not have questions, but your friends label you as a coward and force you to enjoy one puff of the awful stuff. It is how the story of destruction and betrayal begins.

The Hidden Truth

When your brain is hooked on the puff of smokes and you have your daily dose of dopamine charge. The cycle does not stop here. Once your mind has acquired a taste of a particular chemical after some time, the same effect daily loses its initial charms. The brain has an affinity, and it adjusts the equilibrium in a manner that you no longer feel the extraordinary results of the dopamine hit. Now you are standing on a point where you are spending your money on an unhealthy and non-nutritional commodity which is also harmful to your health, and you don’t feel the happy effects from it as well. It has come to this that your brain wants you to increase the regular dose of dopamine.

 The next stage is not your getting hooked on heroin, but you would be prompted to increase the frequency of your smoking. No matter how much you elevate, your brain will always reach a level, when the current amount of relaxation hormone is not enough. Now that you have given way to make room for more and more ease for chemical interference in your life. Your guard would become unnaturally down towards the otherwise dangerous-looking drugs. It is not unfair to say that the culture of vape shop in UAE is nothing short of a gateway into the world of addiction. When you start walking on a road, the initial stages are the toughest the small doses of vapes make it seem harmless and perfectly safe. In contrast, the facts are quite contrary to popular beliefs.