Before proceeding towards the benefits, first we have to understand that what EB-5 actually is. EB-5 is the short term for Employment Based fifth preference category is a type of US immigration visa which offers a permanent residency to the applicants. But this is not feasible for most of the people who are willing to apply US immigration because it demands a huge investment around $500,000 to $1,000,000 which could only be invested by the foreign investors. This huge investment is actually worth it because getting a permanent residency of US would be life changing for any person as it is a huge dream of so many people.

For this purpose it is quite essential to hire the well experienced EB5 advisors or the best EB5 lawyers who possess strong command on this application process so that the applicant’s application would get approved in the first review. They are also well equipped with all the relevant knowledge regarding business aspects which is again a beneficial point for you as in this way you would be able to make a better investment decision. Following are some of the benefits of applying for US EB-5 immigration visa.

Fastest way to get US citizenship

We all know that how complicated it is to get the citizenship of US as the US government rules and laws are quite strict for immigration applications which takes several years to approve the immigration request of very few people. But still if you are determined to be a citizen of US then EB-5 immigration visa is the only best option to make this process faster. People who have shifted to US through the approval of their EB-5 immigration application are able to receive the same rights as that of normal US residents within few years.

Freedom and lawful status is achieved

Another benefit of applying for EB-5 immigration visa is that it offers full freedom and lawful US status to the immigrants which is a huge achievement. This is because normal immigrants are not allowed to work and study just like normal US citizens can, in fact they have to face a lot of limitations by the legal authorities. On the other side EB-5 immigrants are granted full freedom, they can live and work without any limitation as they possess a valid lawful status just like that of a normal US resident.