There are some boring businesses and there are some cool businesses. You must be wondering that what are the boring businesses? Well, we have asked some people that what is a boring business according to them and many said that the business of import and export and business related to trading is boring and some said that the business related to money sounds interesting and good in many ways. and there are some people that ask that what is the business that is related to the money only and we suggest that the business of legal recoveries and collections is the kind of money that where you will always see money. You will see different kinds of debt collector in Dubai and there is an actual designation and visa for it as well. just like any other company or business, it has also become a hyped up business and the best part about this business is that it has a very less start up cost and next to zero investment as well, if you want to open this business now and you don’t know how to then we suggest that you keep reading to know how to open one;

  • Business plan: The first thing that you need to do is make a business plan and, in this business plan, you need to decide that will you serving the banks and different financial centers or will be working for the big names of private money lenders.
  • Charges: you need to decide that how much percentage you will take from either of the clients mentioned above. Because this is the only way that your company will be making money.
  • Staff: you need to decide that how many number of males you want to hire and how many number of females you have to hire as well.
  • Office: you need to decide that you need an office for rent or buy an office.
  • Transport: since your debt collectors cannot travel to the whole city by public transport or commute, you will have to get them bikes or cars.
  • Association: if you work with a bank, you will need to get associated with a bank and the get the association letter from the National Association of Credit Management and it requires very less fee to get one.