Professional life has its own struggles and complications; however, this should not stop you from being human. The fact that most young energetic employees often forget is that the superiors are not just earning more money than you but also has more experience.

This experience is based on pain, suffering, and mistakes that they made along the way, which let them in this authoritative position.

A corporate gift is a great way to find your way inside the professional circle and learned a great many things about life and the work you do there. However, there are some things you should vary off.

Corporate Guidelines

I know you are thinking, why I have to read my company’s guidelines to buy a gift for my boss. Let me tell you why?

Basically, there are rules and regulations in the company’s guidelines in which you cannot give any kind of gifts to your boss or superior because it can create a bias, between the employees.

However, there is a thing called an appreciation card which you can present, but again different companies have different rules and regulations make sure to read them before giving or buying anything from any of your colleagues. You could also ask your superior, but if you are hesitant to ask him then starts by telling them that you want to send them a “token of your appreciation” and would like to know about their preferences. This will start a dialog that will vastly improve your long-term working relationship.

The Gift Part

The gift should not be promotional it gives away the purpose of the gift because gifts create an impression of you towards your superiors and boss, the best thing you could do is consult the corporate gift suppliers in Dubai or near you. They deal with these kind of situation almost every day.

However it’s important you to note, the best gesture of oneself is when someone needs it the most. In simple words, if any of your colleagues or superior is in hospital for x reason you should give a flowers and fruit bouquet in Dubai nothing expensive buy it from the nearest shop. This act of kindness will be greater than any gift and impression generated in the work environment.

Note: Don’t be an idiot who will buy the most expensive gift he come across. Yes! Quality is important however there should be limit of what you spend. And there is a chance your colleagues might find it as in appropriate to receive such expensive gift.