A car provides a safe ride to you. It saves you from getting drenched in rain and becomes a shade in scorching sunlight. However, it’s not only you who needs protection, your car also needs care and protection. Harsh climatic conditions can create so many challenges for your car. To keep working in even these extremes conditions can be a struggle for your vehicle therefore, it should be your prime concern. But sometimes, it can difficult to take proper steps for its protection in changing weather. However, with the help of a few useful, your task can become much easier and better.

  1. You should be super careful while choosing a soap for the car wash. If your soap is the same as dish soap then need to change it as soon as possible as it can damage the car’s paint by stripping its protective layer.
  2. You can try the wash with wax or any ordinary wash as any wash that contains suds will be enough.
  3. Always start washing your car from the top to down to get rid of any loose dirt. Keep rinsing off the wash mitt after now and then.
  4. After the wash, you should check on the car’s paint and find if there are any bumps or roughness on the surface, if yes, then choose a clay bar treatment after drying your car.
  5. Don’t forget to first spray a lubricant and use an even mist to make the surface with and then, rub a bar of clay on the car’s surface. Make sure you are doing it in a straight line.
  6. At last, you can wipe off the lubricant.
  7. For sealing in try to use an insulator wax. Its semi-paste wax holds up quite well even during the tough winters.
  8. Improper washing, or not washing at all, can damage the wax therefore, you should try a protective layer of wax on your car to protect the paint from the road and its containments. You can also get in touch with car paint protection in Dubai.
  9. For the interior, opt an excellent shop for vacuum and some elbow grease. Most commonly, a diluted mixture of fabric softener and water allows finer grain gravel and dirt to be released and allowed to come clean. You can use a paintbrush to dust the plastic and trim dirt into the vacuum.
  10. For windows. A diluted mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water can help you. Make a quick mist onto the glass and then, wipe clean. You can use a tower or glass towels etc. You can get a nice tint for winters if you want your car’s window tinting in Dubai.