Finding job has become the problem of the era. Who knew that the world would face such a difficult time because already the rate of employment is less in the world and that is why people had hard time earning the kind of money that there were capable of.

And the next thing that know that the people who had jobs, they got fired as well, well not fired but excused or the company did down sizing because the companies had to shut down because there were no people and without people there is no business.

The people who used to wish that they hate the world and the people, now they  must be thinking that they wished for something else and the people who used to curse their jobs are now even ready to do odd jobs and that is exactly why there is a quote that ‘be careful what you wish for’.

But there is also another fact that no matter what happens, one day or the other one finds a job and that is why the online world has opened their gates and extended their arms in welcoming people. The parents who used to say to their kids who did online work that you need to find a real job, now they know what is the importance of that job. If you are looking for a skill to develop that is easy and that pays well.

Then we suggest that you become a voice over artist and join a recording studio Dubai. If you don’t know what is a voice over artist then we are here to tell you, this is a kind of person who adds voices behind the movies, cartoons and much about everything like that.

If you are interested in doing Arabic voice overs Dubai, then you must be also wondering that how will you find work of voice overs, don’t stress because we are here to guide you about it. And you need to keep reading to find out more;

  1. The first thing that you need to do is make an account of job provider website like; fiverr,, people per hour, up work.
  2. Make a sample of your voice over and upload it has a sample and may be one big companies will like it and hire you from that platform.