3 Signs You Need To Get Your Car’s Oil Changed Today

To know when to change your car oil, it’s important to understand why it needs to be changed. Engine oil is essential because it cushions the piston and the engine wall. Without it, friction increases, and engine parts wear out sooner than they would. Oil also becomes darker over time and contains residue from engine wear and tear. In other words, you can tell that your oil needs to be changed when it starts to smell oily. Click this to find the best oil change offers near you.

Your dashboard has warning lights:

Your dashboard has several warning lights that signal when your car is due for an oil change. The oil check light will be red and shaped like an oil can. It will drip when it needs to be changed. Generally, your car’s oil is dirty, and you will notice that your fuel efficiency is reduced. Changing your oil will improve fuel efficiency. Make sure to check this indicator often. If you notice that your oil is too dark, you should immediately take your car in for a tune-up.

If you may notice a strange smell emanating from the vehicle cabin:

There are many different indicators that your car needs an oil change. The check engine light on your dashboard may be blinking, or you may notice a strange smell from the vehicle cabin. You may have an oil leak if you notice smoke coming from the tailpipe or exhaust. In either case, you should change your car oil. Changing your oil is an easy, inexpensive, and important part of car maintenance.

If you notice the smell of oil in the vehicle’s cabin:

If you notice the oil smell in the vehicle’s cabin, you should change your oil as soon as possible. A burning oil smell could indicate an oil leak. A lack of oil in the engine can lead to overheating and even damage the engine. A leak in the engine may also be accompanied by blue or gray exhaust vapor. Leaking oil may be the cause of the smell.

While general recommendations suggest changing your car oil every six months or 6,000 miles, this may not be the right timing for your vehicle. The frequency of oil changes depends on your driving habits, how often you drive, and how much use your car gets. Some oil types can last longer than others and can even last for a year before you need to change it again.