Therapy is a kind of medical remedy that involves practicing certain exercises regularly. These exercises are performed under the supervision of medically certified individuals, also called therapists. Therapists help their patients in recovering to a healthy lifestyle and become independent.

Therapy is considered one of the most effective forms of treatment today. There are many types of therapies, for example, Psychological therapy, Physical therapy, Post-surgery therapy, and functional therapy etc.

Who needs therapy?

The human body has a smart immune system, with unbelievable memory and dedication to recover. Therapists are aware of this fact and have been devising innovative methods to help the immune system recover from all sorts of anomalies and defects. Here is a list of major reasons why people sought therapy:

  1. Loss of a body part due to illness or accident.
  2. The natural handicap conditions.
  3. Newly transplanted organs.
  4. Following crippling chemo to beat cancer.
  5. PTSD or other psychological shocks.
  6. To overcome any natural functional lapses.

Is therapy helpful?

Yes, it is. For example, if you have undergone lung surgery recently and still find it difficult to breathe without the artificial apparatus. It does not mean that your body has rejected the new organ; it means that you need help to adjust. Search for: respiratory therapy near me online, to get the assistance of a therapist. Likewise, if your child, like many others, has a speech impediment, you can seek the help of speech and language therapy in Abu Dhabi.

When there is a will, there’s a way. A small bump in the road does not mean that you should stop; your body never gives up making cells and recovering. You just need a good therapist to help your body in its healing quest. One of the most important aspects of the therapy is that the therapists will motivate you, the road to recovery is not easy, and people can be exhausted or depressed. A good therapist is also a good motivator and always encourages their patients to carry on.

The Stigma around psycho-therapy:

There are a lot of unfortunate stigmas attached to psychological treatment. The brain is one of the most important parts of the human body. Just like a computer cannot function without a CPU, the human body is rendered helpless without a brain. We need to advocate mental health and encourage people who have psychological disorders to seek medical attention on a global level.