If you are one of those people who think that the life of a housewife is easy, you cannot be further from the truth. Being a housewife is a full-time job; a house needs maintenance all around the year. There is always something to clean, fix, or replace. The worst part of it is that there is no salary at the end of the month. The best gift for a busy housewife in the 21st century is not flowers, new shoes or a fancy dress, it is the domestic help.

What to think when looking for help:

There are hundreds of maid services in Abu Dhabi, and a lot of things can go wrong when looking for domestic staff. It is better to do some research and make a list of essential hiring factors. Here are a few pointers to direct you in the right direction:

  • Contact a certified and credible domestic staff agency.
  • Do not hire people without proper legal certification.
  • Do not engage in the slave trade or selling or buying of humans.
  • Ask around among family and friends for reliable recommendations.
  • Do not hire permanently without an ample grace period.
  • Be prepared to provide food, lodging, and legally required benefits for your domestic staff.
  • Get familiar with the labor laws and labor unions in your country.

Let your wife be in-charge:

Your wife does not come to your office and tell you how to do your job. Likewise, you do not interfere in the housework department and tell her how to run her home. Let your wife decide what qualities she is looking for in a domestic worker. The field of domestic help is so popular that agencies provide a lot of specialized workers for specific jobs, e.g., deep cleaning in Abu Dhabi and various other jobs as well. The best you can do is sit back, cough up the money and let your wife take the reins of this project.


Chaos and workload are synonymous with the life of a housewife. From doing the laundry to cooking, from helping kids with their homework to cooking several meals a day, it is a tiring and exhausting full time job. If you want to prevent your home and your life from becoming tasteless and empty, you need to hire some domestic staff and provide your wife some relief.

There are many excellent help services in Abu Dhabi. If you keep calm and let your wife handle the household department, peace will prevail in your wife and your life.